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more drawings

I’ve collected all drawings that show the set up of the experiment that I could find online - I found them in articles, papers, slideshows and then slowly removed elements from those drawings. First digitally then on paper with correction fluid. Again I’m ping-ponging between...

Milgram Archive

A couple of days ago I received an answer from Yale library that looks after Stanley Milgrams Archive. Due to Covid-19 the library building is currently closed, but the library staff generously shared some digitized files and images that I had send a query for….


Alongside editing the video, I’ve started to draw one image per word pair. A simple drawing by hand that I then scan and transfer onto a larger digital canvas where I collect all word pair images. I’ve started with the beginning of the list but...

A personal image library

In a time of image libraries, image archives, image processing, machine vision, media theorists and their new notions of ‘the image’ - all these things I’ve started to create an image repository based on my own associations with the word pair list. When I discovered...


Association as in ‘the mental connection between things’ not the group of people. I’m looking at the word pair list of the memory test within the Stanley Milgram experiment. 25 word pairs, adjectives and nouns. Blue Girl, Nice Day, Fat Neck. I’m fascinated with this…

Blue Girl

Blue Girl is the first word pair of the memory test, and has been my ‘code name’ for this idea since I first learned about the memory test within the Milgram Experiment 5 years ago. So in a way this idea has been sitting on…

The Milgram Experiment

Photo from the Milgram Experiment I should explain a bit more about the Milgram experiment, in case you haven’t heard of it.  A volunteer is told that he is taking part in an experiment that investigates the role of punishment when learning and is asked...

First Blog Post

The first sentence of a blog post usually carries expectations of an intriguing start to an exciting article. With this out of the way, I will just share a few thoughts and things. I’ve started my residency on the 1st of May, set up my...





17 hours ago

Artcore Gallery


Our Silent Auction for In Memoriam closes TODAY at 4PM 👀📣

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bid on your favourite artworks, which will support local artists and contribute to our work with communities in Derby.

View the online exhibition and bid in our silent auction by following the link in our bio 🆙 or here: ⬇️

Image Artwork: Into You I See by Kate Genever @kategenever

#InMemoriam #inourthoughts @mindcharity @artsderbyshire @aceagrams @cvaneastmidlands
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2 days ago

Artcore Gallery

☄️ Upcoming Online Exhibition ☄️

We are pleased to present '52 Cameras in 52 Weeks' by Tony Kemplen @tonykemplen an online exhibition of 52 photographs taken by 52 different cameras. 📸

Launching Wednesday 10 March online here:

Tony Kemplen will be showing this work as part of this year's FORMAT Festival @formatfestival FORMAT21: Control in their online venue at New Art City, launching 11 March.

The exhibition of 52 Cameras in 52 Weeks will be shown at Artcore Gallery in 2021 and will comprise a selection the photographs and the corresponding cameras used to make them. The cameras and the photos represent a wide range of cameras, techniques and subjects, and Tony’s approach to image making is every bit as important as the technical aspects of the project.

Follow our social media for more soon 👀

@cvaneastmidlands @artsderbyshire @aceagrams @formatfestival @quad_gallery @tonykemplen #52camerasin52weeks #formatfestival
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