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The second aspect to my Error and Power proposal was for the artist to construct an image based on instructions from a computer. If the artist were to follow the instructions laid out by the JPG algorithm what would be created?  We’ve seen how an…

Clean bathrooms

The software I chose to use to generate the images of bathrooms is deliberately out of date and inefficient. I chose this to help conjure up imperfect images (and my PC may not handle anything demanding more power).  I didn’t expect it to come up…


Not only does the problem of interpreting data given to the artist present a hurdle to overcome, but so does the question of colour itself. Onscreen colours are made up of red, green and blue light mixed together. Painting with these colours will produce a…

Ceiling sinks

After a prolonged session sorting images of different rooms, I now had a few thousand bathroom images separated from the sheds, kitchens and bedrooms. I added these to the original test batch from the previous post and set the PC off to work again. As…

Dreaming of bathrooms

As part of the Error and Power residency I wanted to set out to have a computer imagine images and conversely have a person to create an image as a computer would.  Images made by computers and an ‘artificial intelligence’ have come along way in…

If That Then What?

As I wondered what to make my second post about, it struck me to make a small post connecting some technology and artists to the working practice behind the ‘Error and Power’ residency. Of course there have been many artworks that use cataloguing as their…

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

Typing ‘glitch’ into Google I’m reliably informed there are ‘about 170,000,000 results (0.75 seconds)’ and that Glitch is available on Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime from £1.89, YouTube from £1.99 and Google Play also from £1.99. Handy to know. That must mean there’s 226,666,666.666 glitches costing…





15 hours ago

Artcore Gallery


Our Silent Auction for In Memoriam closes TODAY at 4PM 👀📣

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bid on your favourite artworks, which will support local artists and contribute to our work with communities in Derby.

View the online exhibition and bid in our silent auction by following the link in our bio 🆙 or here: ⬇️

Image Artwork: Into You I See by Kate Genever @kategenever

#InMemoriam #inourthoughts @mindcharity @artsderbyshire @aceagrams @cvaneastmidlands
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2 days ago

Artcore Gallery

☄️ Upcoming Online Exhibition ☄️

We are pleased to present '52 Cameras in 52 Weeks' by Tony Kemplen @tonykemplen an online exhibition of 52 photographs taken by 52 different cameras. 📸

Launching Wednesday 10 March online here:

Tony Kemplen will be showing this work as part of this year's FORMAT Festival @formatfestival FORMAT21: Control in their online venue at New Art City, launching 11 March.

The exhibition of 52 Cameras in 52 Weeks will be shown at Artcore Gallery in 2021 and will comprise a selection the photographs and the corresponding cameras used to make them. The cameras and the photos represent a wide range of cameras, techniques and subjects, and Tony’s approach to image making is every bit as important as the technical aspects of the project.

Follow our social media for more soon 👀

@cvaneastmidlands @artsderbyshire @aceagrams @formatfestival @quad_gallery @tonykemplen #52camerasin52weeks #formatfestival
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