In a time of image libraries, image archives, image processing, machine vision, media theorists and their new notions of ‘the image’ – all these things I’ve started to create an image repository based on my own associations with the word pair list. When I discovered the list first it conjured images of people, animals, objects – a seemingly random collection of things without a narrative or obvious connection. But with a purpose; to be remembered or actually, to be pretended to be remembered as part of the experiment. A list of words made for the sake of being a list of words.

Now during the residency I’m working on a video piece where I want to translate these visual associations into a video that shows a stream of images for others to experience as well. I am using images that I’ve collected and curated myself rather than using the collective visual memory of an existing image library online or creating an image library through scraping with keywords. These associations are personal, based on my own cultural background, influenced by the popular culture I consume, media I follow, experiences, etc. The images are therefore limited to my own imagination, what I can find in my room, and what I can search for online or offline and most important, what I would count as my own association. And while I’m collecting, I’m creating tropes or moments to rethink the word pairs, to exchange, to repeat, to remember and maybe eventually to forget.