In my process I go back and forth working on different bits. In my last blog post I wrote about how I’m recording in the evenings. This week it has been a bit difficult to record, because I have start working early in the mornings when the sun is up and start doing all the other bits that I want to try out beside the video. So I’ve started an image repository I want to use in the video, articulation exercises  for the right mouth shape, drawing on paper and digitally, reading, research etc. Enough things that keep me busy until quite late in the evening. When it gets dark enough to record the video I felt either too tired and postponed the shooting, or I got so into drawing or reading or making other bits that I decided to take the video another night. Tomorrow, tomorrow, next week. Next week will be late mornings and test shoots during the day, so I can easily take videos during the nights.

I’ve made a plan at the beginning of the residency, the first few days it’s easy to stick to it, but the more time progresses I noticed that I avoid looking at the plan, don’t timestamp my notebook anymore, don’t note down my working hours and forget all my practical spreadsheets that I’ve made at the beginning of the project and just spend my time doing not worrying about time. I guess to start I need a plan and a schedule and some lists to make myself believe that things will work out and are under spreadsheeted control, and once I’ve get knee-deep into the project I first avoid looking at those columns, rows, Ical notifications, and at some point totally ignore that I’ve ever made those planning tools in the first place – by then things should just carry themselves and I’ve started trusting it. Long sentence.