The first sentence of a blog post usually carries expectations of an intriguing start to an exciting article. With this out of the way, I will just share a few thoughts and things. I’ve started my residency on the 1st of May, set up my room and different tools to be my residency studio / workplace / living place for the next weeks: desk for computer work and drawing and one corner of my room to be for video shooting. Since I’ve marked the floor for the tripod position, my cat understands it to be her designated place to sit and observe me with critical gaze.

During the Error and Power residency with Artcore Gallery I am making work based on different elements of the Milgram Experiment on Obedience. A famous social psychology experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1961. I want to develop a video work that looks at the memory test that is used as a pretext within the Obedience experiment. I’m also working on some two-dimensional work that looks at the verbal and visual language of the experiment.

Through my process and the work I want to explore the creative potential / properties of the memory test itself and work with the incomprehensibility of the questions that the obedience experiment is trying to explore.