A couple of days ago I received an answer from Yale library that looks after Stanley Milgrams Archive. Due to Covid-19 the library building is currently closed, but the library staff generously shared some digitized files and images that I had send a query for. Here is a photograph of the shock simulator. An intriguing example of how product design and interface design were used in the dramaturgy of the experiment. Also a proof of Milgrams attention to detail and interest in engineering. Looking through the pictures of the setting of the experiment is exciting. I’m looking for all details, materials, investigating the architecture and try to imagine the scenes that have happened in these rooms.

Having an insight into Milligrams original notes, papers and photographs of the experiment setting etc. is quite amazing. After reading the papers authored by Milgram, but also more the recent papers that are criticizing his approach as well as his conclusions is as interesting as it is confusing, as the complexity unfolds it seems also that there is still no conclusion to the bigger questions that Milgram asked with his experiment.